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If you have any problems or questions, please email me.etsylogoravelry-logo-81r-300x

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  1. Hi Jo

    Great to hear that your shop is happening! I guess you could start with UK-only sales at first, just to gauge interest, but in your position I would probably do a search on other UK Etsy shops offering original artwork and check out their shipping policies for guidance. If people love your paintings, shipping costs won’t necessarily be a deal breaker. It might be a case of trial and error in the first few months, but you’ll get there! Hope to see you in Newcastle later in the year.

  2. Hello Debra, I am setting up an Etsy shop ,but I am not sure about postage. UK is is ok but can get dreadfully expensive going overseas especially USA, Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks again for being so helpful last Saturday.

  3. Thanks so much, Janet!

    I wanted to grab a word with you, too, but the time seemed to fly by so quickly! Congratulations on your award, I’m sure it was richly deserved. It was a super day on Wednesday, full of wonderful memories. I’ll definitely be at Capel College in July, so I will keep an eye out for you!
    With all good wishes

  4. hello Debra,
    congratulations on being awarded the C&G Medal for Excellence and also the Haberdashers Prize. I wanted to speak to you when we were gathered at Buckingham Palace yesterday but it didn’t happen. perhaps we will see each other at Capel College in July!
    Well done!
    best wishes
    Janet Edmonds, Medal for excellence winner , Tutor category and Broderers Prize winner.

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